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Beech Grove Historic Venue

By July 15, 2020August 19th, 2020No Comments
K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

Welcome To Beech Grove Historic Venue

Heritage, Wrong Turns & Defending the Sacred

That’s what I want to chat about in this post.

A couple of weeks ago, I made a wrong turn while out on a ride and found this lovely, magical and enchanting place. Some of you saw it on Instagram but here’s part 2 to that story.

Beech Grove Historic Venue is off the beaten path and shrouded by these large, hearty Beech trees that may have been around long before this historic venue was even a thought.

I found a place up the road and turned my bike around and headed back to see what was nestled along that tree lined drive. Here’s the image from that post.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

It was starting to get warm out that afternoon but the trees provided a shady spot to stop, rest a minute and grab a few pix to post on social media.

As an enneagram 6w7, my mind is usually wandering with possibilities and a curious desire to explore but there was a fence and I didn’t want to push my luck.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

As much as I wanted to hop it and sneak some closer images, I knew better because something else was tugging at me. Honor and respect. I also didn’t want to try and say “oh sorry, I wasn’t sure who to ask :)” I didn’t see any PRIVATE PROPERTY signs either.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

As a nation, we have lost our way in the pursuit of tearing things down so we can build it bigger and better. Much of that is rooted in choosing to worship at the altar of power and money. That is why in all the healing work, I’m still drawn to places like this historic barn and farm land.

It dates back to 1850. It has been preserved, well cared for and I think that’s awesome.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

So how does this relate to heritage?

I have a patch on the front of my cut (vest for those non riders here) that says “DEFEND THE SACRED” that I had sewn on last year. Its design has ties to the Native American tribes that would have once roamed this country side and farm land. A society and culture that we as a nation have systematically reduced their numbers time and time again over the years. That’s a bigger conversation for another post but it in light of all the is going on in the last few months it is my reminder of how I want to view the world that surrounds me.

I often wonder what it would be like if more of us viewed life through the lens of sacredness and how God, the Grand Creator made us.

So many “what if’s”  right?

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

Fast forward to July 8, 2020: I pulled up the shady lane just around 6:30 pm. Hopped out of my truck and saw Shelly walking up the grassy field to meet me. For the next two hours she graciously walked me around the property that she and her husband have owned and raised their family on for the last 27 years.

Their farmhouse dates back to 1850 when the farm was built and the land established. Their kitchen, the old school house and the floors original.

I can’t help but step into places like this and think about what stories these walls could tell. From the squeaks of the old floors, to the echoes of laughter that have lived here for years.

Much of my photographic work during my thirty plus years has mostly been black and white or toned versions of them. But the warm summer light and evening clouds whispered that these images should be processed in color.

I wanted to honor the legacy this land holds and I’m stoked at how they turned out. Each one tells a little of its own story.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

If you are an enneagram 6 you know that we have all these “stories of possibility” that bounce around in our heads. Maybe it was a God thing, maybe it was honoring the land and not trespassing, maybe it was timing… Maybe it was all of the above.

Either way, I’m so thankful for making that right “wrong turn” a few weeks ago. If not for that I may have never made this connection and met Shelly. What an honor to be invited in.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

So the next time you are out on the road, be curious. Explore. Discover the hidden things/. You never know what you’ll find. Honor the sacred. You never know who you’ll meet.

K. Randall Wilcox Fine Art Photography

If you or anyone you know is looking for a venue to rent for video or catalog shoots, are in need of a great space for a small wedding or event? Please feel free to contact or call Shelly at 615-440-2001 or just SEND HER AN EMAIL

You can read more about their time and history there: