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Annual Charities Prison Ride 2017

By October 21, 2017October 24th, 2017No Comments

I’ve been following Boswells Harley Davidson on social media prior to getting my bike since early 2016. So when I saw this event last year I said to myself, I will be a part of this next year.

This was my second large group ride and we easily had a 100+ plus riders this past Saturday. I didn’t know anyone on this ride but it didn’t matter, it was my birthday and being surrounded by all those sweet bikes and to hear the rumble of their thunder was amazing.

The best part of this ride was finally arriving at this historic Nashville prison and rolling through the large entry gate and seeing all the other riders who had pulled in before us.

Once we had lunch and some announcements regarding the 23rd Annual Toy Parade next weekend we were able to roam the grounds and take some pictures as this site is typically off limits to the public.

Here’s a few color images that tell the story of its current state.

We have fun. We ride.

Looking forward to this weekend’s 23rd Annual Toy Parade.

P.S. I’ll be posting some edited black and white pictures and posting them over on site shortly.

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